about angela dawn

i can’t love a
world that
throws some
boys & girls
away & gives
others empires.

they threw me
away too but
i mean, it
like that.


Angela is a writer living in the South Bronx. Angela primarily writes poetry and her work deals with themes of disability, shamanic spirituality, and different iterations of family. Currently in reunion with her biological mother and several of her half-siblings, Angela is an advocate for open adoptions, big blended families, and adoptee rights. Angela currently works and volunteers in and around her South Bronx neighborhood and in Manhattan, and she hopes to study yoga in India in 2016.

Angela has been writing poetry for over 20 years but she has only recently begun to publish her work. Visit her writing page to read her poetry and view her publications.

You can reach Angela at amoregloriousdawn (at) gmail (dot) com or reach out on her contact page.